The objectives of this Airbus A319/320/321 Type Rating course are to train cockpit crews to:

•          Operate the aeroplane within its  limitations;

•          Complete all manoeuvres smoothly and accurately;

•          Exercise good judgement and airmanship;

•          Apply aeronautical knowledge;

•          Maintain control of the aeroplane at all times in such a manner that the successful outcome of a procedure or manoeuvre is never in doubt;

•          Understand and apply crew co-ordination and incapacitation procedures, if applicable;

•          Communicate effectively with the other crew members, if applicable.



The following course elements are available:

•          Aeroplane Systems (CBT)

•          Performance 

•          FMGS and ECAM Practical Training/Explanation

•          SOPs and Manoeuvres – Explanation

•          Fixed Base Simulator Training

•          Flight Simulator Training

•          Low Visibility Procedures Training (optional)

•          Licensing Skill Test



Airbus entry level requirements for the type rating course are the absolute minimum. If pilots do not meet these prerequisites, the additional training may be required as  optional.


Captain Prerequisites

  1. Current and valid ATPL
  2. Previous command experience (or approved PICUS course passed)
  3. Fluent in English
  4. Flight Time
  5. 1500 hours total flight time
  6. 1000 hours medium jet
  7. 200 hour as airline pilot


First Officer Prerequisites

  1. Current  and  valid  ATPL  /  frozen  ATLP
  2. Fluent in English
  3. Flight Time
  4. 500 hours total flight time
  5. 300 hours medium jet
  6. 200 hour as airline pilot

Although this is the minimum requirements for the standard Airbus A320 course we strongly recommend an interview to assess individual experience. A very good understanding of medium, instrument jet experience is recommended.



1.         Airplane systems

This course element is covered by computer based training; it complies with the requirements of theoretical knowledge instruction and covers systems description and description of operational procedures. The computer based training contains approximately 51 hours of instruction; this is dependent on the student’s performance.

Note: An instructor can be available for support during the CBT portion at additional cost.


2.         Performance

The performance part of the theoretical knowledge is covered by means of stand-up classroom instruction. It will include the explanation of performance tables and charts used for calculations. Included in this section would be the explanation of a Software performance program. The duration of this element is 7 hours.


3.         ECAM/FMGC practical training

This element is included to enhance the trainee’s understanding and skill concerning the FMGC and ECAM. The duration of this element is included in the PT section of the “flight” training and consists of 4 hours.


4.         SOP’s and  Manoeuvers –  explained

In preparation of the practical training a course element is included which explains the standard operating procedures to be applied. In principle these are the standard Airbus SOPs in use, however customer SOPs can also be applied, if so requested. The duration of this element is 4 hours.


5.         Theoretical  Examination

The theory examination is supervised and consists of two sections. Firstly an open book written test containing 100 multiple choice questions, covering all main subjects in the syllabus. The pass mark for this section is 80%. The duration of the examination is 4 hours, including review. The second examination is an oral SOP, FMCG and ECAM examination conducted by the simulator instructor. The instructor will rate the student either Competent or Not yet Competent.


Note: Access to the Next phase will only be granted on the successful completion of the Ground Training Phase



1.         Fixed Base Training

This element of the flight training is intended to familiarise the trainee with the controls and indicators in the simulated cockpit and acquire the necessary understanding and skill to   enter the full flight simulator training. As this training is done in a full flight simulator   without motion, it allows exercising multi-crew aspects in all phases and  circumstances.

Duration of this element is 4 sessions totalling 11  hours.


2.         Full Flight Simulator Training

The flight simulator training covers all procedures and manoeuvres as described in the Standard Airbus A320 Training Syllabus, which have to be completed in a fully dynamic  flight environment. The duration is 7 sessions of 4 hours each, totalling 28 hours. In preparation of each session a 1,5 hours briefing will be conducted. At the end of each session a de-briefing is conducted, including a session review and a preparation for the next  session.


3.         LOFT Test

Trainees are not proposed to take a skill test unless they have demonstrated to the instructor the required knowledge and skill to pass it. Springbok Air Academy will provide to the examiner the trainee records folder, the completed application form and a skill test form for each candidate. The type rating application to the authority needs to be done by the trainees. This LOFT session duration is 4   hours.


4.         Low Visibility Procedures (Optional)

This optional module consists of approximately 3 hours of ground lectures and one 4-hours flight simulator training session. The ground lectures explains the regulations and use of equipment and procedures. The flight simulator training covers take-off and landing operations down to the certified minimum visibility limits.



The trainee records folder is issued at the start of the training and will be used to record classroom attendance and report progress during the practical training.

NOTE: The complete contents of the trainee records folder is listed in the Springbok Air Academy Training Manual. 

PT session #5 as well as FBS session #3 serves as “gates”. The instructor will analyse the trainees’ progress and only if the instructor deems the trainee ready he/she will be released to the next phase of the flight simulator training. If progress appears insufficient remedial training will be proposed by the instructor at this time. Any additional training is for the cost of  the  TRAINEE.

Springbok Air Academy only uses the most experienced training captains and although we  do everything for a positive outcome it remains the responsibility of the trainee to obtain all the necessary knowledge to become type rated.

NOTE: When this training is done for customers a copy of the completed training folder will be sent to the customer’s Chief Pilot or other point of contact as   desired.



A certificate of completion can be issued by Springbok Air Academy for completion of any part of the type rating course. This will certify that the subject part of the training has been completed in compliance with the approved syllabus. 

NOTE: The certificate merely states what part of the course has been completed. Only when the formal examination/test was successful will the certificate indicate “successful   completion”.



All documents necessary to complete this type rating course are available at the training centre. However these documents are for training purposes only.



The course schedule below represents the standard type rating without any optional or additional training elements.

Note: The schedule can be changed, within reason, on the customer request and the availability of the simulator or instructor.


Day      Subject            Method

1          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

2          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

3          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

4          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

5          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

6          Day off 

7          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

8          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

9          Aeroplane systems     CBT  /  Self study

10        Performance & Test    Instructor   /   Classroom

11        Weight and Balance   Instructor   /   Classroom

12        Day off 

13        PT1 – SOP       Instructor   /   Classroom

14        PT2 – SOP       Instructor   /   Classroom

15        PT3 – FMCG     Instructor   /   Classroom

16        PT4 – ECAM     Instructor   /   Classroom

17        PT5 – Test       Instructor   /   Classroom

18        Day off 

19        FBS1    Instructor   /   Simulator

20        FBS2    Instructor   /   Simulator

21        FBS3    Instructor   /   Simulator

23        Day off 

24        FFS1    Instructor   /   Simulator

25        FFS2    Instructor   /   Simulator

26        Day off 

27        FFS3    Instructor   /   Simulator

28        FFS4    Instructor   /   Simulator

29        FFS5    Instructor   /   Simulator

30        Day off 

31        FFS6    Instructor   /   Simulator

32        FFS7    Instructor   /   Simulator

33        Day off 

34        FFS8/LOE/Test           Instructor  /     Simulator

35        Base Training             Instructor  /     Simulator

36        LVO (Optional)           Instructor  /     Simulator



Any additional training is for the customer’s account and will be calculated at a cost of US$600/hour simulator and US$200/hour ground  study.

Note: All documentation will be withheld until the account is settled in full.



1.         CBT

Each student will be supplied with his/her own copy of the CBT. It is a requirement for the student to have his/her own computer for the CBT self-study. Computers can be supplied with prior arrangement.

2.         Classrooms

Stand-up instruction is done in a lecture room with tables and chairs seating 12 students with a projector, screen and white board.

3.         Cockpit Mock-up

Trainees have free access to a cockpit mock-up for cockpit familiarisation and checklist rehearsal, during office hours.

4.         Flight Simulator

Fixed Base as well as Full Flight Simulator training is done on South African Airways’ A320 level D qualified full flight simulator which is situated at OR Tambo International Airport Johannesburg, South Africa.



Springbok Air Academy has been operating for 10 years and is owed by Cpt. Flippie Vermeulen, whom retired as a senior training captain, after 42 years from service to South African Airways. Currently flying Airbus A319.

We are situated at Rand Airport, Germiston, one of the busiest small airports in South  Africa, close to OR Tambo International airport. In addition to Springbok Air Academy the family owns a lovely 24 room 3 star lodge on the same premises. (www.Dakotalodge.co.za)



The following 5 Instructors will be conducting the A320 training: 

•          Captain F.Vermeulen : +/-25000 hours has flown Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747 classic and 400. Airbus A319, A320, A340. He was a training captain and

            retired from SAA after 42 years of service.


•          Captain L.Raath: +/- 26000 hours has flown Boeing 707, 737, 747 classic and 400, 767. Airbus A320 series, A340 series, A300, A330. 

            Has retired from SAA after 42 years and 2 months of service.


•          Capt W.C. du Randt: Total flying hours. 16700hrs  

            Employed with South African Airways since 1995. 21 years experience

            Flown Boeing 737-200, B737-800, B767, B747 Classic, B747-400. Airbus A319,A320,A330,A340. Training

            Capt B767, B737-800 and Airbus 319/320. 

            Currently DFE on B737-800 and Airbus 319/320. Involved in Instructor development with PTC Aviation Port       


            Currently Senior Captain A330/340 fleet SAA.


•           Capt S.J. Cowie: +/- 13 000 hours, A320, MD82/83/87, JS41.

            Currently employed by SAA


•           Capt. D.O. Dumbleton: Training Capt on A320, A340 and B737. 



If a complete crew is not enrolled for the type rating, Springbok Air Academy will endeavor to find a suitable candidate as a training partner. Springbok Air Academy cannot guarantee that such a candidate would be available timeously.

Springbok Air Academy holds the final right to refuse any candidate.

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